Modern Olives is an Australian Olive company with three core business areas.

Everything we do is focused on providing service, absolute quality to our customers and being a contributor and leader in the Australian olive industry.

Contact Us

Modern Olives Nursery:
   PO BOX 92. Lara, VIC 3212
   Phone: 03 5272 9570 Fax: 03 9272 9599
   e-mail: nursery@modernolives.com.au

Modern Olives Laboratory Services
   PO BOX 92. Lara, VIC 3212
   Phone: 03 5272 9500 Fax: 03 9272 9599
   e-mail: lab@modernolives.com.au


Modern Olives is a leading specialist olive nursery supplying premium grade olive trees to commercial growers and retail nurseries Australia wide.

Technical advice

Throughout the entire process, from planning your grove to processing your crops in years to come, we at Modern Olives are able to provide you with professional olive specific technical advice. Our commitment to quality means that providing you with the highest standard of trees is only part of the solution to creating a profitable olive grove or project.

Laboratory Services

Modern Olives have established a new commercial olive and olive oil laboratory. With a quick turn-around time we are able to perform a range of quality and authenticity tests on both your fruit and olive oil.