Sensory Masterclass

The development of a new industry in new areas with scarce previous information requires not only olive specialists but also experienced and fully qualified experts.


The strength of our team in both areas let us make a careful analysis of the different conditions in order to come up with the best solution for each individual processing plant. Processing plant design, paste preparation, development of systems and procedures and maximizing processing efficiencies as well as storage and blending are some of the areas where our combination of technical knowledge and olive expertise is more significant.

The Modern Olives Technical Team consists of Leandro Ravetti (Technical director), Claudia Guillaume (Olive oil chemistry, sensory and quality), Filippo Daddelli (Technical officer) and Mick Smith (Olive oil processing management).

Topics include :

  • Processing plant design
  • Paste preparation
  • Development of Systems
  • Development of Procedures
  • Maximizing Processing Efficiencies


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"I choose Modern Olives for their expertise and professionalism. I find the team very reliable and communicative. The team are very open to sharing thoughts and advice beyond just the technical responses."

Steve Parker

Mt Moriac Olives


“We have been using Modern Olives since we bought our olive grove. Being a small producer, we find that the staff are always interested to listen to our problems, and are happy to provide assistance that goes beyond the provision of normal lab services.”

Michael Coates

Maluka Estate


A highly qualified team with solid technical knowledge, large experience in modern olive production combined with a vast national and international olive network and continuous applied research for Australian conditions support our leadership.

The price for this course is (exclduing GST):

$ 2,101. 68


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