Sensory Masterclass

A world renowned Sensory course presented by Modern Olives


Modern Olives’ is once again hosting our world renowned Sensory Masterclass in Olive Oil. Hosted by Laboratory Manager and Sensory Expert Claudia Guillaume, we are honoured to have our guest speaker Wenceslao Moreda presenting this year. Wenceslao is a member of the Sensory Expert Committee of the International Olive Council (IOC) and we are privileged to have him in Australia.

Topics include:

  • How to taste olive oil
  • The impact of farming, harvesting, processing and storage on olive oil
  • Sensory defects
  • What makes high quality, award-winning EVOO?
  • The chemistry of olive oil
  • Many more informative and useful information topics related to olive oil.

Date: Friday 7th & Saturday 8th February, 2020

Cost: $350 per person, including morning tea and lunch for both days

Register: send us an email at


The Dome, Geelong Library, 51 Little Malop Street, Geelong, Australia


"I choose Modern Olives for their expertise and professionalism. I find the team very reliable and communicative. The team are very open to sharing thoughts and advice beyond just the technical responses."

Steve Parker

Mt Moriac Olives


“We have been using Modern Olives since we bought our olive grove. Being a small producer, we find that the staff are always interested to listen to our problems, and are happy to provide assistance that goes beyond the provision of normal lab services.”

Michael Coates

Maluka Estate


A highly qualified team with solid technical knowledge, large experience in modern olive production combined with a vast national and international olive network and continuous applied research for Australian conditions support our leadership.

The price for this course is (excluding GST):

$ 350


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