Modern Olives Nursery

Quality trees decrease management costs and tree maintenance, bear fruit earlier and therefore increase profits

Features & Benefits

At Modern Olives our aim is to produce the best olive trees for your grove. We have developed our nursery production systems in consultation with the olive industry and by carrying out extensive research to produce quality trees.

Our tree varieties

Care is taken throughout the production stages to develop well structured dynamic roots. Modern Olives implement strict pest and disease management and quality control systems and are accredited for western flower thrips, Argentine ant and potato cyst nematode freedom. 

We can organise freight and prompt delivery to all states in Australia.

From selection of propagation material through to final grading and dispatch to customers we aim to produce the best quality tree for your grove. We believe that the extra care and time that we spend at each production stage results in a better olive tree for our customers. 

The results are evident in the growth of individual trees.

Unfortunately many growers in Australia who planted trees in the last eight years purchased and planted trees that were not suitable or up to standard. Only now are they realising the extent of their problems. It is cheaper and easier to do it right the first time.

Email the Nursery directly at if you have any nursery related questions.

You can also call the Nursery on +61 (0) 3 5272 9500.